Sunshine (Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency) delivers innovative digital services, interoperable with existing geographic web-service infrastructures, supporting improved energy efficiency at the urban and building level. Specifically, SUNSHINE delivers a smart service platform accessible from both a web-based client and from an App for smartphones and tablets. In particular, the SUNSHINE platform will allow:

  1. Automatic large-scale assessment of building energy behaviour based on data available from public services
    (e.g. cadastre, planning data etc.). The information on energy performances will be used to automatically create
    urban-scale ‘ecomaps’ to be used for planning activities and large-scale energy pre-certification purposes.
  2. The previous assessment will be then used, together with localised weather forecasts available through
    interoperable web-services, to ensure optimisation of energy consumption of heating/cooling systems through
    automatic alerts that will be sent to the SUNSHINE App installed on the smartphone of the final users.
  3. Lastly SUNSHINE will ensure interoperable control of public illumination systems based on Automatic Meter
    Reading (AMR) facilities remotely accessible, via interoperable standards, from a web-based client as well as
    from an App for smartphones or tablets.

The SUNSHINE technology will be the result of the customisation and integration of existing software components developed by other EC-funded projects focusing on smart-city technologies, including BRISEIDE, i-SCOPE and i-Tour.

The SUNSHINE technology will be eventually piloted in the context of 9 sites across 5 countries including Malta